Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beetle Build - Day Three Point Five

Milestone day for the Beetle. Roger & I fired up the wrecking machine at oh eight thirty. Prepaired it for departure.

Pulled out the seat belts. Pulled out the old duct work from behind the dash. Cut out every single un-needed cable (which was most of them.) Smashed some under-seat heating vents. Roger ripped out more ancient air conditioning hardware. I scaped up the last bits of tar-paper. Together, we put a hurting on Roger's trashcan.

And finally, with the Beetle stripped down as far as we could possibly strip it, we loaded it up on a trailer to ship it off to the body shop.

Found a cat that owns a body shop. He's going to hook up the interior. Take care of the rust. Slick it out. Get it finished in about 10 days. And we'll plop in the rest of the parts to make it go.

Maybe have it all done by the end of March.

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