Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long Drive

You know you're in for a rough day when you fire up the car and the first thing you see is: 666. (Click the image!)

Not only was it a karmic bummer, but it was coooooold. At least cold by South Mississippi standards. 22 degrees. So cold that as we were prep'ing the truck, my hands started to ache. Deep down in my old bones. Had four layers of clothes to keep my torso warm. Needed some gloves for the claws, though. But, seriously, you don't see gloves too often down here. Only slightly harder to find would be a snow plow.

Anyway, simple plan for the day. Drive to Tallahassee, FL. Pick up some gear for a project. Drive back. The only problem is that Tallahassee is over 300 miles east. Five hours, each way.

Fortunately for me, unfortunately for my story telling, it was an uneventful trip. We actually made it over there in about four and a half hours. Had a good tail wind. Nobody else on the road. Dad napped. I drove. That was about it.

We GPS'ed to the Tallahassee Technical College. Picked up the gear. Stretched our legs. And cruised back. More uneventful hours. Took almost five and a half hours to get back. No tail wind. But nobody on the road. Dad napped. I drove. That was about it.

Got a nice triple Rockstar Zero for my efforts! Otherwise, my Saturday consisted of a long drive. Meh.

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