Friday, January 02, 2009

MOVIE: Doubt

This movie is an intense, twisting dichotomy. Everything lurches to extreme ends of the spectrum. It balances the audience precariously on an ever-elusive tipping point between two opposing sides. The old, stoic church versus the new family-oriented church. Storms versus sunlight. Tradition versus modernity. Light versus dark. The idle innocence of youth versus the knowing contempt of the aged. Logic versus intuition. Man versus woman. Certainty versus doubt. Oh. And between all these conflicting elements, there is a great deal of top-notch acting.

I really enjoyed Doubt. Very well written. Tighly nestled in its roots of the mid-1960s. All the accents and mannerisms. Smooth, believable dialog  Effortless pacing. No major drags in the flow from scene to scene. Great direction. And a plot that unwinded cooly while ending in a stellar culmination.

I'd be very hard pressed to come up with any negative comments. It was a very good movie that held its own from beginning to end. Made for a great flick. Certainly no room for kids. And when it comes out on DVD (after winning a number of awards, I'm sure) it will be well worth the price of a rental.

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