Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Years Odds & Ends

I arranged to donate thirty PCs to AWOL Inc, in Savannah, GA. Stuff we don’t use, but AWOL could. They take unwanted hardware, have it reconditioned by at-risk urban teens, and re-use the PCs for low-income families or schools or churches that need PCs. AWOL is a great organization, they thoroughly impressed me when I passed through Savannah, a couple of months ago. I’m going to try to find a way to get it emulated down here. Just have to find the right people, and the funding. Same story as everything else I have in mind.

Next thought for the day: the continued disappointment with the reconstruction of Highway 90 along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Three and a half years later, our main thoroughfare and source of revenue down here is still unfinished. Still an embarrassment. A blight on our community and local businesses. A mouth full of hot spit in the face of everyone who struggled to bring the Coast back as quickly as possible. One day, we’ll get it right. But not soon enough. Anyway, a quick photo from my routine drive home. Two lanes in each direction, but one lane closed on each side. Plenty of cones and barriers, only a couple of guys shuffling around and working. A recession, rising unemployment, and we bumbling Hill Billies can't even finish a road on time. Gonna be a rough year.

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