Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recovering, Finishing, Vowing

Better day. Woke up more clear headed. No problems driving into the office. Only a minor vertigo attack right after lunch. Nothing like last night. Wore off after perhaps fifteen minutes of sitting still at my desk.

Finally finished a three day enterprise upgrade. Probably 500 people involved. Every property effectively offline the whole while. Only fourteen hours behind schedule. But better late than never. Somehow it escaped media attention. Not like our stock has gone anywhere but down since October.

After a long confessional with Reverend Meinsler, I made a solemn vow to him. I promised I would go cold turkey on Crackberry Driving. (Checking my Blackberry on the road.) His exact comment upon hearing what an idiot I am was:

"You'll do that until you kill a child in a car seat and severely injure her mother"

He's right. Of course. So I made an oath to stop. Immediately and forever more. Miss an email and spare a child, is my new motto. Crackberry be damned.

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