Saturday, January 17, 2009

MOVIE: Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within

This one came out in 2001. I missed a lot of movies back in those days. Liam was only two. Meg was on the way. Cindy and I did a lot of staying home for a long time.

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (linked per Ron's suggestion!) was probably breath-taking eight years ago. The graphics are still beautiful. At times I'd forget it was a digital cartoon. It has a level of detail that hasn't been matched by anything since.

But aside from the graphics, there wasn't too much going for it. Weak acting. Predictable plot. Unimpressive writing. Lot's of potential, but it rapidly puttered out.

Not a date movie. The kids will dig it, though. Good for a break from the norm for sci-fi fans. Worth renting if there's not much else happening.

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