Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MOVIE: Transformers

All jelly and no toast. Transformers had major flash on the outside but no substance or depth in the middle.

You got good robots. You got bad robots. They fight. Smash up a bunch of stuff. Some kids almost get clobbered.

The good: Great graphics. Fast pace. Loud. Major destruction.

The bad: Completely devoid of any other redeeming features. Very predictable. Somehow LESS creative than the cartoons. And while there was a great deal of action, there weren't any interesting fights. An empty Hollywood shell of a movie. Had potential. But flopped.

Worse of all, it wasn't for young kids. There were some scenes with themes no suited for anyone less than a late teen. Thankfully, Liam missed the scene and I didn't have to explain it to him.

Not sure it would make a decent date flick. Cindy would have skipped it. Worth renting if the store is empty.

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