Sunday, January 11, 2009

MOVIE: Shotgun Stories

Powerful, powerful, powerful movie. Two Southern brothers locking horns in the wake of their father's death. It all goes sideways very quickly and sucks everyone down the drain in their misery. Deeply moving stuff. Very much on the mark and overly familiar. Not sure if anyone north of the Mason Dixon line would swallow it, but I wanted seconds.

High marks for everything: good acting, good writing, fantastic dialog, and great direction. Pacing might have been a touch slow. I thought it was too brief. Left some elements dangling in the wind that could have been tied up neater. But overall it was success on all fronts, for me. Hope it gets some awards one day. Some nominations at the very least.

Good date flick, especially for a Southern couple. Not for the kids. Would probably bore the teens and maybe the twenty-somethings. Very much worth a rental.

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