Saturday, January 31, 2009

MOVIE: Pineapple Express

The plot is pretty straight forward: a stoner and his dealer find themselves on the run after witnessing a cop murder another drug dealer. Sounds straight laced, but Pineapple Express is far from it.

This is a modern day Cheech & Chong movie, with white dudes and guns and enough laughs to almost make me whizz myself. Scene after scene, I was weeping with laughter. I haven't seen anything this funny all year. And man, oh man, was it good. I wish I had seen it at the theater, with some of the friends and a couple of drinks under my belt. I would have spontaneously combusted under those conditions.

The acting from the main characters was great. The antagonist was a bit weak. The writing for the protagonists was fantastic. Unfortunately, the rest was unimpressive and trite. As long as the story centered on the trio of heros, the writing was enthralling. During the odd slips to the other points of view, it dragged.  Pretty good direction, except for the aforementioned lapses. Fantastic dialog, though. Very entertaining and full of surprises.

May have made a good date flick, on a light-hearty comedy night. Definitely not for the kids. Not even the mid-teens. Lots of adult themes and scenes. Great rental. Wish they'd bring it back to the big screen. I'd go see it again.

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