Sunday, January 18, 2009

MOVIE: Stealth

Flashback to 2005. Wasn't a good year. Hurricane and all. Missed this one in the theaters. Probably would have been better on the big screen. Still wasn't too bad on the small screen.

Stealth is about a new fighter jet being tested by Lt. Henry Purcell (Jamie Foxx) and two other pilots under his command. Lots of semi-interesting technology. A smattering of the spectacular. Some good versus evil. The initial antagonist learns from his mistakes. A few near-surprises. And there is much rejoicing in the end.

I liked that they didn't really turn Stealth into a "technology is evil, humanity is good" thing. I liked the slightly-in-the-future spin. I liked most of the action sequences.

I didn't like the over-done ending sequence. Very typical "50 Bad Guys Can't Shoot One Good Guy" scenes. Didn't like the stereotypical "enemy."

Acting? Pretty uninspiring. Dialog? Trite. Direction? Not worth mentioning. Pacing? Not bad. Effects? Fairly good.

Won't score well on a date following this movie. Older kids might like it. Younger kids won't. In a couple of years, it will fall line with Roadhouse and Rambo on Spike TV during "Gonad Week."

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