Sunday, January 25, 2009

MOVIE: Afro Samurai Resurrection

The second season of Afro Samurai aired on SpikeTV tonight. In the words of Reverend Meinsler, IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!

The cartoon isn't for everyone. Especially children! It contains an abundance of foul language. There is more blood per scene than 1984's Red Dawn. Cartoon nudity. And a smattering of blatant misogyny. Not for the faint of heart.

That being said, I loved it. The graphics are gorgeous, extremely detailed, and very stylized throughout the entire event. Insanely good writing. Combining sci-fi, westerns, modern urban themes, and (of course) traditional martial arts elements. Stupendous sound track. Mostly rap-esque, but it complimented the action and blended in very well. Great direction with the proper amount of flashbacks and foreshadowing. And top notch voice acting from Lucy Lui and Samuel L. Jackson. (The running commentary from "Ninja Ninja" continued to steal the show.)

It was a little less creative on the plot than last time. My main complaint being that I didn't really accept the outcome of initial fight scene and had further trouble accepting the way that Afro was forced on the road to the Number One Headband. Sure, "the hero's journey" has to be set in motion, but the catalyst this time wasn't very clever or exciting.

Otherwise, a great great great cartoon. Worthy successor to the first one. I pray there is a third.

Can't rent it, yet. Don't want to watch it on a date. 100% Man Show. I strongly encourage any full-grown-boys, like me, to watch it after the kids go to bed.

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