Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Olde House - Kitchen Light & Then Some

Back in June, the kitchen light fell out of the ceiling. Was dark in there for a long time. Seven months later, Cindy finally picked a replacement. Today, my father and I got it installed.

Crawled up on a couple of ladders, put in the mounting bracket, put in the support screws, clicked in the CFL bulbs, screwed in the glass cover, and basked in the glory of our new kitchen light.

Interesting enough, while I was scrounging through the attic to check on the wiring, I stumbled upon a tiny skeleton. It was completely devoid of flesh and stink. Not sure how long it has been there, but I'm guessing a couple of years. Looked to be rat bones. And I think one of its brothers came along and picked through the remain, as the bones weren't in an orderly line up.

Later, Dad and I installed a couple of lights outside. One in the garage, by the door. One outside, over the garage door.

And Cindy and I hung a bunch of heavy pictures.

Then we all played Rock Band.

A rainy morning, but otherwise, a slow, productive Saturday in The South.

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