Friday, January 09, 2009

TGIF - Three Items

So a pipe in our kitchen, under the sink, has been leaking for a weak. Cindy refuses to wash anything and has taped signs reading, "Don't run faucet!" all over the place. As if burning devils will shoot out of the spout. Anyway, finally got a plumber over. (After I tried and failed to pull out the faulty pieces myself.) We found what you'd expect, fourty four years worth of sediment had solidified in the pipes. Maybe an eight of the pipe was still able to move water. I took a pretty bad picture of it. I'm holding up one end of the pipe to the camera, the other end to the window. There's only a fraction of sunlight coming through. (One pencil-sized circle and a pin sized circle.) The rest of it is clogged with something not unlike greasy plaster. I imagine most of the pipes in the house are like that. And I'll end up replacing the majority of them before we're out of here.

After the plumber had charged me $75/hr, I crawled through traffic into work. Thought I'd snap a picture of the cement canon I passed during the trek. They probably have a name for it, but I'm going to call it a cement canon. I wonder how far it can launch the stuff? And how much would it cost a fellah to rent one of those things?

Anyway, it's Friday. I had a wild hair and joined Facebook. Figured I'd see what all the fuss is about. Kinda meh right now. Did get a good laugh when I looked up Cindy's name. The first result was a teen girl completely un-Cindy-like and the second girl was only wearing a cowboy hat and a bikinni.  Otherwise: meh.

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