Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MOVIE: Air Guitar Nation

Yet another documentary. Air Guitar Nation chronicles America's first entry into the international Air Guitar championships, held annually in Oulo, Finland. An East Coast champion, David "C-Diddy" Jung, arises in New York, and travels to California to compete against the West Coast champion. The winner represents America at the finals in Oulo.

A terribly great movie. Almost too-fast pacing. Superb direction. A smooth master piece put together from a storm of footage. Interviews are great. Scenes from the contests are great. Fantastic "characters." Amazing performances. And a completely satisfying conclusion to an epic adventure.

Date flick? I think so. Kid flick, with the exception of one scene from the "quarter finals" at a bar in Oulo, Finland, it is pretty safe for older kids. Worth a rental? Yes, yes, yes! I didn't catch it on the Big Screen, but it was great at home. Highly recommended for any arm chair rockers.

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