Sunday, June 26, 2011

At The Lake

Another Sunday. Another day of training at the lake. Liam behaved himself very well while I swam 1200 meters. (Helped that there was some a Labrador Puppy there, owned by some 13yr old girls splashing in their bikinis!) Really powerful swim for me, too. Found a good pace. Passed a couple of folks. Lots of strength left over, too. Liam loves jumping off the pier, but he really leaps when I'm doing it with him. So we practiced doing cannon balls and one of the other swims (Lisa) snapped photos.

The folks training for longer distances (Half Ironman and beyond) did several more laps. Liam hopped in the rescue kayak to paddle around for a while. Really cool tandem unit. Would love to get one for the family. Maybe once we get some bills paid off. Would crack me up to have them paddling along side me as I train. Something for everyone to enjoy.

We neglected to put on sunscreen, though. Paid a painful price for that. But it was a great time. Hopefully I'll get Meg to join us next time!

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