Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre-Game in Pelham, AL

After an excessively dull drive, five hours from home, I find myself at the pre-game show in Pelham, AL. Pick up my race pack. Listen to the Q&A. Bunch of other beginners. We're all eager and bright eyed. Amazingly, I'm #400. And the lake is akin to a warm bath.

I walk the transition area, getting my bearings. Go over the process in my mind. Try to take notes of directions and the likely flow of contestants. Eventually drive along the bike course. Getting a taste for the hills and where I'll need to shift to easier gears. And then the rain comes. Ending the research.

My hotel is nearby. Cell signal is shit inside the valley. I'll grab a light dinner, chicken and salad. Then pack and try to sleep. Even though I know I won't.

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