Thursday, June 09, 2011

FOOD: Noodles, Biloxi, MS

Noodles, in Biloxi, MS, opened today. I was expecting a place called "Noodles" to be something akin to the noodle shops we had in Atlanta, like The Real Chow Baby or Doc Chey's Noodle House. Nice location. Nice decor. Interesting feel to the place. Lots of potential!

We must have missed the grand opening lunch rush. Nobody else there when we arrived at nearly 1PM. Only one lone waitress. And a bartender.

Then one look at the menu told me I was going to be disappointed. None of the "lunch specials" even had noodles on them!

Turns out that Noodles isn't a noodle shop. It is just a Chinese restaurant with a bar. Not a "fusion" place. No touches of Southern style on traditional Asian themes. Nothing remotely inspired or unique. And as far as I could tell, very few noodle dishes!

I had the spicy beef. With a cup of hot & sour soup. The soup was the best part of the meal. The rest was just average. The same thing I could get at any Chinese place or buffet.

I really wanted Noodles to be something special. An interesting place in Biloxi where I could take my friends and say, "Check this out! Isn't this cool!" But there's nothing cool about Noodles. And I doubt I'll ever return.

There really is nothing remotely appealing about another Chinese menu serving the same dishes the same way as everyone else. I'd pay less and have a bigger choice at a buffet.

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