Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Trip

Resolved an unfinished project in Tunica, MS, today. A brief day trip. On the corporate jet! A Lear 40, that seats six and can hit Mach 8, if needed. Driving would have taken six hours. On the Lear, forty six minutes. And none of that unpleasant check-in / check-out, body frisking business associated with commercial flight. Only way to fly! (NOTE: I cleverly disguised my boss in the photo.)

The project wrapped up nicely. We had a delicious lunch to celebrate. On the way home, Warren (bald guy in front of me) gets a call that one of our competitors is having a major malfunction with their gaming floor that just re-opened. Brand new technology. A complete failure for them. To the tune of millions of dollars if it is as bad as it looks. Warren laughs and says, "That's what we get for depending on geeks." Warren is old school, from Atlantic City. He grew up without instant access to a player's financial data and had to make decisions based on gut feelings and established relationships. "The Good Old Days," Warren calls them. Otherwise, the trip was quick and uneventful. Home by dinner time. And I will sleep better tonight.

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