Saturday, June 25, 2011

MOVIE: X-Men: First Class

Liam, Bryce (far right,) and I went to see X-Men: First Class after lunch. They loved it, of course. A very good flick for almost-teens. Though there IS an expected (and un-needed!) F Bomb dropped. But only once.

Bear in mind that I grew up reading X-Men comics and I still enjoyed this. It is BASED ON A COMIC, but the acting is fairly good. Plenty of action. Though developing a reasonable plot and background takes times. Could have used a quicker pace in places. But the story developed nicely, without too much divergence from the historical narrative. However I was extremely happy that there were several somewhat effective villains in this one. Not sure if I liked the re-tooling of some of the characters. "Angel" for example had dragonfly wings and could spit some kind of acid. Not sure where Darwin came from. And Havok as a criminal?

Taken on its own, without any knowledge of the original comic series, this was the best one in the series, to date.Fans of the other movies will love it. Fans of the comics ought to like it. And for matinee prices, it was a great way to spend two hours.

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