Monday, August 08, 2011

Eating Habits

Most of my lunches look like this:
  • Ham or turkey on whole wheat
  • Small salad
  • Cup of water
  • Bonus: tomato soup (if available)
  • Bonus: grilled/baked chicken (if available)
  • Bonus: grilled veggies (if available)
Usually, it is just the sandwich and a salad washed down with water. Very boring. Very mundane. Almost to the point of maddening. I look at hand made pizzas every single day. And I want a slice. I look at fried foods every single day. And I want them. I see deserts every single day. And I want TWO! I get my water from a dispenser with almost 10 different sugar-saturated drinks. And I want that, too! All of it is effectively free and endlessly available. I could pick up a whole pizza and take it with me and do it every day. 

But I know what it costs me. The price my health pays. I realize if I scarf down that slice of pizza, I have waste a couple of miles of bike work. If I enjoy that double cheeseburger the lunch lady wants to grill for me, I obliterate an hour of swimming. And I could easily drink over a thousand calories worth of Coke in one sitting, if I didn't know the price. 

So every day I sacrifice my tastebuds. I turn my back on my palate. I skip the pizza. And I skip the friend mozzarella sticks.  But my waistline and my energy levels thank me. Every day.

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