Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Cravings

Trained again this afternoon. Later in the day. Hotter, but more prepared. Far better swim More focus. And energy. Did 1320 meters, without stopping on the far side.

(Quick side note: Bumped into Varnado at the gas station. Hello. Hello. Good to see you. You, too. You've lost weight? Something like that. Okay, bye. Bye!)

Did not WANT to bike. But I biked. Terrible headwind on half of the trip. Like pedaling through syrup. But I found a good pace for myself and nailed it. Came in last yesterday, came in first today. Another small victory for my collection.

Craving protein the rest of the day. Grilled up a chicken breast. Made another spinach & lentil omelet.  Easy and exceptionally num.

And thus was my weekend of training and sweating.

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