Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night. Non-stop.

Some days never end. Thankfully, this was an endless Saturday.

Started with a trip to the gym. My first visit in over a week. Back and biceps. Then a long hour in the pool with Meg. That girl is part mermaid. And she never gets tired of me hurling her through the air. I gorilla press her as high as I can manage. Sometimes she has to be 10' up. Always screams on her way down. Making a splash twice her size. I never held my breath that long. Or swam so well. She'd still be swimming twelve hours later if I didn't have her check for Wrinkled Feet. Not sure how much longer that trick will last. But it still works, for now. If her feet are wrinkled, it is a sign from God. And she listens to that!

Ate at Cici's pizza afterwards. Liam always complains when we try to go. Have to say, he's right. It is cheap ($5 for me, $4 for Meg) but not exactly the most diverse selection, aside from the actually pizzas. I was hoping I could avoid the carbs and bulk up on some salad. No such luck. The salad was dull as a slug, didn't even have cheese, and the pasta sauce tasted like a heavily processed canned product. But, Meg did get a balloon and the manager performed a magic trick. She was happy. So I was happy. Her bar isn't raised quite as high as mine. Plus Meg said Cici's brownies were excellent. Still. Might be a while before we go back there.

After a couple of hours of babysitting, I concluded the night with some business-based drinking at The Quarter, in Gulfport. Bunch of issues to sort through. Some critical decisions and clarifications. Interesting stuff abounds. Just have to find the time and energy to make it all happen. But could be some exciting stuff if it lives up to the promise. Great drinks at the Quarter, as always. And a fine fine chicken sammich from next door.

Excellent Saturday night. Even if it was non-stop.

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