Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Omlette

Six in the morning isn't my best time for culinary experiments. But I tried anyway. Sauteed the spinach in a little oil. Beat up an egg. Pour it on top. One lone egg didn't go very far. So I added a second. Then the lintels. Everything turned the right color. Eventually.

Spatula'ed it off the skillet. Paired it up with some sriracha and a protein shake. Little fresh ground pepper. Wanted some sour cream. And a bunch of cheese. But didn't want the risk of affecting my morning workout.

Overall? Not bad. Not the best breakfast I've ever had. But certainly one of the best I've made! I am not too fond of the lentils. They're pretty damn  boring. But tomorrow I'll give it another shot. Maybe put the spices on the INSIDE of the omlette. And I'll start off with two severely beaten eggs.

If nothing else, at least I tried something new and fixed it all myself.

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