Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Own Rome

I am fortunate. I usually like my job. Pretty high on the ladder. Lots of leash to wander around and do what I need to do. Folks depend on me. Treated fairly. Given responsibility. And respect. Usually that is all good. But bad days at work can be really bad days. Which never seem to end.

Today, for example. There were fires raging through my own Rome. Vendors trying to line things up. People needing support. Departments needing support. I'm getting hit with emails. And phone calls. And tickets. And alarms. And instant messages. All made worse by servers that are puking up their gut, endlessly rebooting, or locking up with a Blue Screen Of Dead. 

Ten hour day. Twelve? I dunno. Fixed most of the woe. Fled the scene as quietly as possible. Saw the kids for maybe an hour. Had some left over lasagna. Didn't train. Fighting off odd preludes to a vertigo attack. And generally did nothing productive with my few remaining moments away from the bed. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day at work. But if there's fire, I'll be fighting it.

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