Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Beginning & End

Beginning of another school year. The years ticking by too quickly. The kids growing and slowly becoming their own person.

Liam, freshly thirteen, entering 7th grade. All advanced classes. Straight A average. Hasn't touched an instrument he cannot play. Recently started chatting with a local girl on FB, and Skyping on a webcam. Only five more years and he'll fly the nest.
Meg, midway through ten and on her way to eighteen, in 5th grade. Art and dance and songs all co-mingle behind her eyes. The whole day a performance when I'm with her. The bright sun in my sky. A living firework.
Hopefully the school year goes well. Stays in the lanes. I'm going to stick closer this time. Put out any sign of trouble as soon as I see it. No repeats of last year's woes. Learned that lesson. 

End of the day, I go to tuck Liam into bed. I find him pretzeled around his covers. His legs knotted up behind him, all rubbery and completely relaxed. Careful not to wake him up, I unwind the kid from the blanket and cover him up. Couldn't help but take a picture. Nobody would believe it without photographic evidence! Sleep well, little dude. You'll need it.

We all will.

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