Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocketman Training #2

Two weeks from today, I'll be recovering. Torn between so many emotions: eager to be done, nervous with anticipation, confidence with my training thus far, fear of failing. Probably only get worse as the day moves closer. Poor ol' Jon, all aboard his emotional rollercoaster ride.

Surprised I feel so well after my swim yesterday. Slight protest from my right shoulder. But a coat of biofreeze worked the usual miracles. And I had a good lift in the gym this morning. Then tonight's run. Oh, the run...

New personal record: 5.1 miles. Never tried that distance alone. Wasn't pretty. Wasn't fast. And I pity anyone down wind of me. But I did it. And I did the last mile shirtless. Aside from swimming, I don't think I've been shirtless in public in my adult life. And here I am: middle-aged man, running through my neighborhood, sweating like a stank, furry boar.

Life is good for the Digital Redneck.

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