Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rocketman Training #4

I've actually been training for several weeks. Months even. Culminated today with a full practice brick of all three events: swim, bike, run.

Trained with Luke, and Tish, and JG. One of many training events for them as they're getting ready for a half Ironman in October. And their distances lined up with mine very nicely: 1 mile swim, 2hr bike, and 40min run.

Started at 0700. Sunrise on Robinwood Lake. Good swim. Four continuous laps. A new record for me. Taking my time. Pacing myself. Didn't feel dead at the end. All good.

Biking went well. At least the first 24 miles. I averaged 18.9MPH. Slight improvement over my normal 18.7MPH. An hour and sixteen minutes. The last 45minutes, I covered another twelve and a half miles. Final total: 36.5 miles in two hours.

Running wasn't good. Four miles in 49 minutes. 12 minute miles, yuck! Still, all told, I burned at least 3600 calories, according to my tracker. I think it was that much on the run alone!

But here's what I did wrong:
  • I lifted heavy yesterday. Back & Biceps. Felt it almost the entire run.
  • I didn't hydrate yesterday. Normally, I drink 60+ oz of G2 the day before a big event
  • I ran out of Gu. Took my last one an hour into the bike ride. Should have had one more at the end of the ride, to fuel for the run.
  • No water during the run. Brutal heat. Pounding sunlight. I had to stop three times to scrounge water from faucets in the front of people's yard. Hot hot hot!
Next week: I won't lift after Thursday, I'll hydrate the day before the race, I'll have PLENTY of Gu, there will be water available on the run, and I'll wear a visor to block the sun.
A couple of light workouts this week, but nothing stressful. If I'm not ready for Rocketman now, it is too late for improvements. It's do it or die trying, now.
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