Saturday, August 04, 2012

Liam Turns Thirteen

I blink and suddenly I'm the father of a teenager. Yesterday I was taking him home from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. Today, he's texting his peeps and thanking everyone on FB for the birthday wishes. Another blink and he'll be driving off to college. All too fast, it seems. All too fast.

Great day for everyone involved. Cindy took the kids (Bryce, Liam, and Meg) to play laser tag in D'Iberville. Afterwards, we meet for lunch at Mugshot's. The usual for the kids. The usual for the adults. Long wait, though. Unusually long. Kids had a good time though. Liam getting everything he wanted. Hard for him to argue when he's calling the shots.

After lunch, a long long (LONG!) viewing of Batman - The Dark Knight Rises. Interesting twists. Surprised us several times. Smidge too long. Odd development of Catwoman. Very unpleasant changes to Bane. But I'm old fashioned. My memories dating to 1993, when Bane broke Batman and started the Knightfall saga. Twenty years later, the big screen doesn't seem to do it much justice. But Liam & Bryce thought it was great. I enjoyed it for what it was. Glad it finally made it to the big screen. An excellent trilogy. Finally something worthy of the character of Batman.
Finally, we all gathered at the house, Cindy's family and mine. She and Meg lit the candles. We all sang. Liam made a wish. And blew out the candles. Cookie cake. What he wanted. Delicious, the small piece I enjoyed. Everyone enjoying the company and sweets.

Good way to end the night. And the first day of Liam's thirteenth year. Onward and upward, son. The world is yours.

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