Saturday, August 04, 2012

Bye Bye Beetle

I've been avoiding the inevitable for the better part of a year. Maybe more. Trying to keep the mental wound closed. Not admit my defeat. My own shortcomings. How I failed at another of my many daydreams.

The Beetle was an expensive lesson to learn. Too much time. Too much effort. And too much money went into it. I did a fraction of what I wanted to do with it. Just not rewarding enough. I thought it would go better. Make a bigger impact. Have more fans. More friends. More help. More success. None of which emerged. Regardless of what I did. So I stopped doing. And the Beetle has sat in my driveway, unmoving, ever since.
Shipped it off to a new home, today. With Dale Ridenour. A good home for my old project. A better owner. Dale's far more industrious and talented with such things than I'll ever be. He's done solar heaters and panels and even has a solar trailer that could (in theory) charge the Beetle for free.
Hopefully Dale can get it working again. Then we'll figure out how the legal mumbo jumbo. No need to get tangled in red tape or paperwork right now. I want him to succeed. Where I failed.
So it is bye bye Beetle. Off you go, old friend. It was fun while it lasted. You fly back , now, little Beetle. Fly, fly, fly.

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