Sunday, August 19, 2012


Being me is exhausting. The training. The job. The children. The wife. The car with its broken air conditioner. The dog. The forty-something year old house. And all these damn ideas and aspirations slamming through my head like cold, uncaring missiles. I don't know which part abrades me the most. But today, it was the whole fatherhood piece. Liam going apeshit sideways on me. Blowing up and proclaiming his intent to depart as soon as humanly possible. Telling his mother to shutup and go to her room. And the ensuing punishment.

That's what I hate the most. Having to police somebody's action and issue punitive repercussions. It should be easy. Everyone should work together to be happy. As a group. But then somebody goes off kilter, and I have to be the bad cop. And that shit is exhausting.

Eventually, Liam calmed down. Returned to normal. And went to bed early. Molly guarding him from evil ol' Daddy. Bad cop. Villain in our tale. But it is the path I chose. And I'll see it to its end. Guard dog or no. I've got the biggest bite in the house.

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