Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Her Reality

I'm not fascinated by the political affiliation of this shirt wearer.

I'm not fascinated by the gender or economic strata of this shirt wearer.

I'm fascinated that all the things written on her shirt are true, in her reality. That she holds those words to be truths. That they are battle cries in her private war against the forces of Socialism and Fascist Obamacare. 

I'm fascinated that anyone, anywhere could believe Obama's departure will magically produce the following results:
  • Sixteen trillion dollars will magically fly into the Federal treasury and we'll be able to pay off six decades of accrued debt.
  • No future presidents will ever make use of Czars.
  • 105,000,000 Americans will be re-employed .
  • Too Big To Fail businesses will be allowed to fail.
  • Homeowners who have not paid their mortgages will not have to give up their unpaid homes.
  • Gasoline prices will decided they've been too high too long and return themselves to $1.25/gallon.
  • $84,000,000,000 worth of mortgages held by Freddie & Fannie will be forgiven so that those two organizations can close down quickly and quietly.
  • All the Muslims will decide their dreams of freedom and justice in America were just false, hollow promises, so they'll go on a one-way pilgrimage back to the Holy Land. 
  • And all these things coming true will make this a better, freer, happier country, like it was before Obama self-elected himself.
Somewhere, the Founding Fathers weep. And if it were not so damn funny, I'd weep, too.

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