Saturday, June 07, 2008

MOVIE: Kung Fu Panda

Caught this one with the kids while Cindy was shopping.

The kids enjoyed really enjoyed it, even Meg.

I really enjoyed it. It wasn't too campy. It wasn't too childish. Jack Black did a great job with his character. The dialog was better than most cartoons and rarely trite. The pacing was pretty good. The plot wasn't very predictable and managed to keep all of us interested throughout. I really liked the villain. I really liked that he actually had his own plight. And I enjoyed the story arc between Panda and his father.

My only complaint is that the secondary characters were initially hyped up, but were eventually fairly shallow. Of course there is only so much a story can do in a limited time frame. But I felt a little disappointed that we didn't get to know more about the other heroes in the cartoon.

Otherwise, Kung Fu Panda was a great movie. Certainly a fantastic selection for the kids. And I think it would be a good light-hearted date movie for a happy, easy going couple in need of a break from anything serious.

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