Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top of the world, ma!

Noticed something unusual today. On June 6th, my traffic went up about 600%. But only for one entry: this one.

What in the sweet name of Jeebus caused THAT? I don't advertise my page. I don't even tell anyone but my close friends about it. Where did the glut of visitors come from? So I dig through my logs. Finally, I see it. Everything came from Google. In fact, across the course of three days, Google sent me almost 250 new visitors. And just for one search term: unbreakable movie. It is my review of Unbreakable, the Bruce Willis movie from 2000

So, I google the terms, and... oh... my.... god! I'm at the TOP of the list. I even beat out IMDB? Not just on the first page. Not just in the top ten. But the very top. I'm #1!

Even though I can now die a happy man (having scratched "#1 search term for SOMETHING on Google" off my Bucket List,) I figure the victory will be short lived. My own fifteen microseconds of fame. So I grabbed a screenshot. (click the picture to enlarge.)

And I'm never going to wash my screen again!

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