Monday, June 30, 2008

Therapy After Prolotherapy.

Three weeks ago, I had prolotherapy. The shots continue to hold back any day-to-day pain. But Doctor Bensen needs me to do four weeks of physical therapy and see if I can make additional improvements. So, today, I had my initial appoint me, with Miss Gaye.

After the pancake of paperwork I had to complete, Miss Gaye spent almost an hour assessing my current condition. Of course assess means poking proding, bending, and smooshing me. Much like Doctor Bensen, she identified a problem with my left shoulder that I was not aware of, and she also found some "atrophy" in my right should and possibly in my biceps. And she thinks perhaps much of it descends from problems in my neck.

After the massage slash assessment, I spent about half an hour doing simple physical movements. Sometimes with weights. Sometimes without. And then I spent maybe fifteen minutes hooked up to a car battery and getting jolted while a recorded voice intoned me to relax. Actually, it was pretty damn peaceful and I wanted to get a prescription to take some of that juice home with me.

So three times a week for four weeks. I already feel a marked improvement and I'm looking forward to seeing how much progress I can make.

Interesting side note, as I was sitting at my desk, my arms and chest started itching. I looked, and I was spangled with what appeared to be hundreds of teeth marks, as if Miss Gaye had gotten freaky on me and bit me up like a madwoman. Quite kinky, but only in appearance. Snapped a photo of it for posterity. Might be last time anyone things I got my groove on.

Click the picture to enlarge and check the tooth marks.

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