Sunday, June 22, 2008

MOVIE: Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is a comedic tale of the typical "disfunctional American family" told in an atypical manner. It is low on budget, but high on honesty.

The spirited cast of characters include:
  • an over-abused introverted mother trying to keep everyone happy at her own expense
  • an angry doped-up grandfather trying to burn out rather than fade away
  • a disillusioned, Nietzsche-reading teenaged son mad at everyone for all the wrong reasons
  • the most amazingly innocent daughter who fills the room with her smile
  • and a delusional father who has drank so much of the wrong Kool Aid that he's vomiting up his own brand and trying unsuccessfully to get everyone in the family to drink it
World-class acting. Great direction. Many interesting little surprises. And dialog that I'll be quoting for a decade. (Especially the Grandfather's advice to his Grandson!)

Gotta confess, without any spoilers, that I didn't dig the ending. Not what I was expecting, however I was expecting something along a completely different tanget. Good movie, but anti-climatic.

Good date flick. Bad kid flick. Worth the price of admission.

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