Sunday, June 22, 2008

Young implosion

Though I'm probably too old and far too uncool, I'll confess to being an Amy Winehouse fan. I find her music to be refreshingly retro, consistently mellow, and I'm extremely fond of hearing sultry women confessing their undying affections for their man.

That being said, I'm saddened to hear that:
  • She's only 24 and already bee-hive deep in more drama than a shelf of Shakespeare scripts.
  • She must have taken up cigarettes and crack at the age of 2 because she already has Emphysema
  • And her own father reported: she was up 48 straight hours and then collapsed into a ball on her bed, sleeping for 3 days.
How any parent can sit by and idly watch their child destroy themselves is beyond me. I'm keen to see a episode of A&E's Intervention featuring Any Winehouse. They need to travel across the Big Pond, catch her while she's still weak, and do a special show about her. Maybe a two hour tear-jerker. I'd love to hear what causes such a young implosion of such a raw, talented girl.

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