Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First Prolotherapy

Cindy and I dropped the kids off at my Mother's house, then left for my prolotherapy. I can't speak for Cindy's state of mind, but I was nervous. Here I am, hurting for some three months, not one hundred percent sure what is wrong, not one hundred percent sure if this treatment will cure me, not sure what to do, not sure how it will go. It's hard putting your health and your faith in the unknown. If Cindy had not been working with Doctor Bensen for so long and seen such good results, I never would have done it. But I trust her. And I want to feel better.

It started off with a twist. Cindy, my wife of thirteen years, finally fulfilled one of her dreams, and gave me an IV. She has talked about my "good veins" since the night we met. And this was her first (literal) stab at me. She did a great job. I didn't feel a thing.

Next, they rolled me into the operating room. The nurse, Cathy, started me on some very nice medications which "sedated" me. I was conscious, but felt very distant, and heavy. Like the flimsy seconds between trying to fall asleep and drifting off to slumber.
Doctor Bensen rolled in and said he was going to "contract my muscles" and I needed to tell him when he hit the right one. I thought he was using an electric current to contract things in my shoulders. It felt electric. Like a shock that seizes you up. Softly, Cindy tells me he isn't using electricity. He is using acupuncture. Just a needle. And homing in on the damaged areas.

Once he isolated the target zones, he "peppered me" with injections. They hurt. But I was fifty feet below my body, and didn't mind too much. I just floated and kept breathing. He hit me with twelve shots. Testosterone, B-12, and sucrose. Mostly in the front of my shoulder. A couple in my upper bicep. From my pleasant haze, I think I smiled and thanked him a couple of times.

Back in the recovery room, Cindy kept asking if I was okay. I didn't really care to open my eyes. I was enjoying the tasty buzz. Very mellow and relaxing. I was happy to just lounge around and enjoy the downtime. Cindy snapped some shots with her cell phone, for posterity.

Once the meds wore off, we grabbed a sammich from Subway (I hadn't eaten since noon,) picked up the kids, and called it a night. Not bad for outpatient surgery. If it fixed my right shoulder, we'll move on to the left. And then on to my hips/lower back. If it delivers on its promises, I won't hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.

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