Saturday, December 11, 2010

Biloxi - Reindeer Run 2010

Another weekend, another 5K run. This time in Biloxi. At eFitness. A much nicer morning than last weekend. No bugs. Less cold. But fewer people. I planned a little better for this one, too. I didn't work out last night (unless eating Italian food is a workout.) And I didn't have anything to drink this morning. I think my performance last week was hampered by the swimming from the night before. And I know I had to pee the whole time, last week. So I changed tactics.

Seems to have paid off. I ran the race in 29:20. And placed first, for age group. Two minutes quicker than last week! And I only slowed down once, to get a mouth full of water.

Next race is in two weeks. December 26th. Another 5K. In Woolmarket. At this rate, I'm hoping to do a bunch more 5Ks throughout 2011, hit a couple of sprint triathlon, and maybe pick up some 10Ks and half-Iron Man races in 2012. Of course time and my patience may prove otherwise. But I'm going to try.

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