Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mending Fences

Didn't ride this morning. Wanted to. But my calves and quads and abs are sore. From the run yesterday. Need so much more training on my roadwork. After the long swim on Friday and productive run yesterday, I rested today. Spent my time with the kids and mending fences.

The guy who owned my house before me built the fence himself. His lack of experience and low standards are readily apparent. Very little of it is level. The gates are poorly designed, nearly impossible for Cindy or the kids to open them. And since he used untreated wood, the bottom of fence is completely rotted in places. Huge gaps have been worn between the bottom of the wood and the grass line. Some spots are so deteriorated that the dog could get through them.

So I bought a dozen new pickets, tore out the worst of the ones clinging to life, and used decking screws to fasten down the replacements. All in all, it was quick and easy. No more holes for the dog to plot her escape. But eventually, the entire fence will need to be replaced. If only he had done it right in the first place... But I can always use more projects, right?

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