Friday, December 24, 2010

Candle Mass

Slept last night. Only the second time this week. A small gift before Christmas. Could have slept a bit longer. Kids felt otherwise. All manner of noise and laughter and jokery bellowing from the front room. Would have been nice if they had been quiet. Or somebody reminded them that I was sleeping. But I'll enjoy their voices while I can. I'll blink and they'll be off to college. Sleeping late is over-rated, anyway.

Picked up some supplies to clean adhesives off Liam's floor this weekend. Paul Blackwelll was the owner of the place. A1 Flooring. Hadn't seen him in probably 25 years. Either he's smaller or I'm bigger. Still has a head full of hair and a gorilla's handshake. Good to see old ghosts from our past sometimes.

Had lunch with Mom. Royal Super Buffet. North of I-10. Love that I can cobble together my own plate of beef and noodles and onions and red peppers then have them cook it up on the Mongolian grill. Rest of the food is good, but the grill is the deal breaker for me. Gave Mom the present for Dad (a pancake compressor) and finalized the plans for tomorrow.

Swung by Lowe's. Set up a visit from one of their contractors. Measure and plan out replacement windows for Liam's bedroom. Want a pro to do it, this time. May cost more, but will look better and take less time. I can make more money. I can't make more time. And I can't make my failures look any better without help.

Wanted to go to the gym. Didn't work out that way. But I probably need the break. Not feeling the motivation. Not into it right now. Have to clear these cobwebs out of my head somehow. Accept that what is, is. What isn't, isn't.

My family and Darren's and Glenda went to the 7P candle mass at church. Simple service. Lot's of singing, but not much standing. Took communion. Meg wanted more wine ("Blood of the lamb.") and Liam wanted more bread. Peace unto thee. Just wish I could find peace of my own.

Wanted to go out, afterward. Didn't work out that way, either. Instead, I sit here and write again. On Christmas Eve.

I'll wake Cindy up, shortly. We'll pull in some more presents. Unpack Liam's futon. He'll want more toys. Won't appreciate the work I've done on his room. Or the price of everything involved. Just that he didn't get enough toys. Or the right ones. But it is what it is. Maybe one day he'll appreciate it. And maybe I'll sleep tonight.

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