Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So. I'm working.
And I feel the most god-awful gas about to take flight.
Potential to shit myself.
Get up. Jump next door, into the datacenter.
(It's 10 feet from me. Bathroom is like 100 feet.)
So I'm in there, and my ass goes off like the mf'ing atomic detonation at Hiroshima.
Sounded like somebody strangling a hippo.
I think it popped my spine.
It was like being shot with a tazer. I couldn't move while it was going on.
I may have been moaning, I dunno.
Like some kind of gaseous retard.
I had to lean against the wall, as if I'm being frisked, and catch my breath.

And the Network Engineer comes out from behind the telco cabinet, wide-eyed and speechless.

I just catch my breath and walk away. Slowly.
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