Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Meg didn't fall asleep in her own bed until well after midnight thirty. Asleep myself by maybe 0200. And by 0500 Liam had decided to slip into our bed. Which pretty much wrecks my ability to sleep. 0700 and the kids wanted to storm the front room. Raid the Christmas tree. A very rapid assault. Mission accomplished within 10 minutes. Tattered remains of presents littering the ground. Liam liked his futon and game-related surprises. Meg liked her origami book and girl-related surprises. They both enjoyed the keyboard. And there was surprisingly little drama. Until later.

Off to Great Grandma's house. Cindy and I get a check and some gift cards (Lowe's for me. Target for Cindy.) Liam gets a Harley jacket and some cash. Meg gets a Barbie Stage and some cash. Earl was working. His crew and Susan's rolled in late. Not enough seats at the table, so my family sat on the sidelines, not eating. Then Jason's Baby's Mama shows up, completely oblivious to the sudden silence in the room. Thankfully she left before I was forced to.

Speed over to Glenda's. A 2PM lunch. And more presents, along with Darren's family, Aunt Judy, Uncle Terry, and Allison. Good times and good food. Lot's of pictures and playing. Liam dashing around on his new scooter. Complete with sparks shooting of the trailing edge. And Meg trying to set a new pogo record.

I scored some nice cargo biking shorts, a long-sleeved training shirt, a biking jersy, and a biking jacket. Had bought Cindy some books, a bunch of cooking gear, and goods from Pajamagram. I like to think she was surprised and happy. But she had bought herself a pair of boots, which was likely enough for her.

Another night at home, for me. The drama didn't start until after dark. Mostly from Mister Attitude. But not as bad as I had predicted. What is, is. What isn't, isn't.  Hoping this grim cloud passes sometime soon. Tired of grinding my teeth and sighing.

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