Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Semblance of Normalcy

Some left over woes from yesterday: partially tore my thumb from its nail while peeling an orange, Blackberry keeps rebooting, and bah humbug.

Much more focused, today. Hammered out some projects. Cleaned up some piles. Felt good to make serious progress on several fronts. Greatly enhanced my mood.

Concluded my day with a great Back + Bicep workout at the gym. Music raging. Clear minded and focused. Everything coming together. Put some laps under my shoes. Good to run again. Another 5K beckons on Saturday. Hoping to hit a new personal record. 

Brought home some fresh RX scripts. Cindy just noticed one of hers is a "black box"  med. Doesn't know how long she's missed that little bit of trivia. But there are lots and lots of reasons to never touch it again. And that kicked her into Gonzo Mode. Nothing else exists in her mental universe until she takes care of that in the morning. And woe unto her Doctor if he actually gets on the phone with her. But hopefully by lunch she'll have that under control and we can return to normal tomorrow night.  Or at least a semblance of normalcy.

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