Thursday, December 30, 2010


Liam and I went to the gym. He had a Parisi class. Lots of prisoner squads and suicide runs and bear crawls. I'm so proud of that kid. He might not be the fastest off the line, but when distance is involved, he ends up finishing in the top three. Today he completely dominated the other kids. Finished strong and made even prouder. He's running so much better these days. Can visibly see the improvement. Maybe he'll learn from my mistakes and focus on his health like I should have when I was his age.

I had a good core and forearm workout. Nothing spectacular or note worthy, but continued progress for me.

Afterward, we both swam laps. I did 1600 meters. Liam did 300 meters. Six full laps for him. His new record. He started to get cold, toward the end, so I wrapped up a bit early.

I figured we deserved some rewards, and drove to Mugshots. Bishop Burger for Liam. Brisco Inferno for me. And, of course, a magnificent mug of Woodchuck Cider.

Great way to end the day for the McDougal men.

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