Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner & Drinks

Peter made his annual pilgrimage from D.C. to the Gulf Coast for Christmas. I did not get to hang out with him yesterday (since Liam & I were ripping up floor tiles.) So we met for dinner in Long Beach, at Juan Tequila's. Roger joined us, too. He was nice enough to let me collect a meal due to a lost wager.

Couple of drinks. Couple of fine Mexican dishes (Pete and I had fajitas, Roger had a couple of very nummy looking tacos.) And our old classmate Heather makes an appear. She was on the Coast for Christmas, too.

Funny thing about Heather, some of my first memories include my Mom babysitting her, and all of us playing in our backyard. So I'm technically known her since we were four or five years old! Anyway, it was great to see her and she is contemplating a return to the Coast, to be near friends and family. She's an high school English Teacher and maybe she'll find something to keep her busy.

Peter isn't moving any time soon. But I admonished him for only visiting once a year. I told him that since we're paying his check with our tax dollars, we deserve at least two visits a year. Easter and Christmas sounds about right to me!

Roger, of course, is an unyielding, unflinching rock. Does his thing. Creates his own happiness. And takes it one day at a time. Always an excellent source of alternate viewpoints.

I wish we all had more time together. But it was good to see everyone. And there's always next year!

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