Monday, December 06, 2010

Fits & Giggles

Heading to bed early tonight. A silly downtime is starting at 0200 and I'm hoping to get maybe 4hrs of sleep. Thought I'd mention some interesting adventures with the kids. They're growing so fast and changing each day. I don't want to forget these lessons they're teaching me.

  • Fit - On Saturday morning, after I get home from my run, Liam blows a fuse because he doesn't want to go to the gym. But nobody was even talking about taking him. I wanted to take them to the arts fair in Biloxi while Cindy went to the gym. Boom. Pow. Mister Moody, Liam's evil doppelganger appears. Screaming and yelling and making outrageous statements about our lack of love and his lack of fun. And when we get to the arts fair? Yup, he actually enjoys it. 
  • Fit - Saturday evening, after we get home, Meg spontaneously combusted because Cindy wanted her to try chicken or sliced roast beef. Some of Meg's top-of-the-lungs declarations included: "I'd rather starve than eat that!" As well as, "I'm going to die and they're going to cut me open and find my stomach full of paper and crayons!" And, "You're going to have to follow me around with a bucket or I'll throw up everywhere!" Eventually her dinner was a plate of fruit and the next day she tried EIGHT new things at Samurai sushi bar
  • Giggles - Sunday afternoon, while browsing Lowes, Liam rolls up to a locked door with a keypad on it. In less than 30 seconds he figured out the four digit combo and had opened it. Maybe less than 15 seconds. 
  • Giggles - Sunday evening, out of nowhere, Meg decides she wants to figure out origami. She inuits how to make a paper hat then looks up how to make paper whales and a phone and some kind of purse! She wants to do swams, next. Note sure where the idea came from, but now she's folding every slip of paper she finds.
Every day it is a new adventure with these two. They never let me get bored. It is either fits or giggles with them. And I'm enjoying them while it lasts.

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