Sunday, December 12, 2010

Water & Wrestling

Great day in the gym. New personal record. Forty laps. 2000 meters. Had maybe 10 more in me, too. But didn't want to push it. Very happy with my performance today. Eager to try open water. When the weather permits. Get those fears put to rest and move on with my life.

Interesting guest appearance at the gym, too. As I'm driving up, I noticed a HUGE motor coach. Just as I swipe my badge, a young, pumped-up, short-haired guy with a deep, raspy voice told the front desk attendant, "I'll be right back," all Arnold-like, then went to the motor coach. She didn't know who he was. I'd never seen him in the gym before today. And who the heck drives around in a multiple hundred thousand dollar private bus?

Wait a second! Isn't the WWE in town tonight? They're filming a show, in Biloxi.

"I think that is John Cena," I told the attendant.

"That's his name. Who is he?" She showed me his sign-up form for the day. "John Cena," across the bottom.

And I explained. Wrestler. Action movies. Video Games. She probably kept his signature. To show her girlfriends.

After he returned from his bus, he stopped for a picture with me. Nice guy. Very mellow. Just snapped one shot, wished him a good workout, and left him alone. I'm sure he didn't need any Redneck fanboys stalking him in a Mississippi gym on a Sunday morning.

By the time I left, about a dozen other wrestlers were there. All  buffed-up young guys. Jobbers, I think. Didn't really recognize most of them. Polite and funny. Nursing their aching joints with bio-freeze and heat wraps. Told me they never know who they're going to fight until right before the show starts. Joking about previous fights. Maybe four locals in the whole gym. And and a dozen of these professional wrestlers working out. Ended up asking me for a good place to eat. Sent them to Buffalo Wild Wings. And said I hope they have a safe show. They probably did. Then moved along to the next show. Living their life on the road. One match at a time.

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