Monday, May 19, 2008

Back To The Pediatric Ward

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to work, Liam ends up back in the hospital.

His wound from the surgery is doing better. But he's got other issues. Mainly fluid and swelling in a place men don't like to have fluid or swelling. And such affects are most uncomfortable.

So around 3PM the doctor advised Cindy to take Liam to the Outpatient center at Memorial Hospital, and get an ultra sound of the swollen area. I arrived around 4:30PM, just in time to wrestle him during the test. The technician saw plenty of fluid around his left marble and some constriction of the blood flow to it. They tested for a hernia, but that was inconclusive.

The pediatrician and the radiologist and the urologist all had a conference call and wanted to admit him back to the hospital. The plan is to have him off his feet and do another ultrasound in the morning. There is a thought that either a slight torsion (ie: twisting) to a "skin tag" in the affected area, or excess fluid in the area, or a hernia. But they won't know for sure until more tests tomorrow.

On a good note, aside from the swollen area, he is feeling much better, sounding better, and finally eating better. We're hoping to get past this hurdle, and move on to a fun-filled summer.

(SIDE NOTE: This picture is from last year. I can tell because that hideous red paint and the wood panels are in the background. That's the OLD living room.)

Once more into the breach, dear Son...

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Anonymous said...

Seems like Liam isn't getting a break here. Anyhow, that sounds MOST uncomfortable.