Friday, May 09, 2008

Meg's Class Awards

Meg's kindergarten award ceremony was today. We went first thing this morning. Glenda (Gigi to the kids) joined us. Cindy brought Liam out of his class. All of us together in the gym, waiting to see what she would get.

Meg's class was second on the agenda. Meg was in the middle of the pack. Pink dress. Pink shoes. Pink bow. 100% Meg.

She received the Outstanding Leader award. That's ironic on so many levels, it borders on frightening. The most notable irony is that two years ago, for his kindergarten award, our boy, Liam, received the exact same award.

And Meg wears leadership like she wears pink clothes. She falls second to no one. We have to hold on with both hands when she's at the helm. And it's always a break-neck pace.

Afterwards, we all took a picture together. Not sure what happened to Gigi's and Liam's neck. I think it was a micro earthquake that only affected their heads.

And then Meg took a snap with her teacher. For posterity.

Very proud of her. Very very proud. Can't wait until next year!

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