Saturday, May 31, 2008

MOVIE: Iron Man

Liam and I caught an early show while The Girls were at a birthday party somewhere.

a) It is a movie based on a comic book. My expectations were set appropriately.

b) It won't be winning any awards for Best Screen Play or Best Actor, but it should win awards for the special effects. I really didn't think they could do The Suit any justice. But they did. Stunning. Incredible. Heart-warming for aged comic fans like myself.

c) Hollywood still hasn't learned, "One villain is boring!" Iron Monger was interesting, but barely sufficient. More villains (even some clever henchmen) would have been welcomed.

d) Tony Stark's last line nearly ruined it for me.

e) Liam and I were the only people to stay past the credits. And we were the only ones to see the secret scene. First they change The Kingpin. Now they change Nick Fury?

Reviewing the writing, literary depth, dialog and so forth for a movie based on a comic book is like watching a Food Channel review of McDonald's. It's just fast, greasy food for the screen. And we enjoyed almost every fattening bite. Good light-hearted date flick. Great movie for a father & his son.

We'll go see the sequel next summer, for sure.

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